Wellness Tree offers 1-3 day Juice Cleanses!

Juice Cleanse includes 4 juices of your choice from our menu along with 1 homemade nut milk and 1 cleansing water.

Cost per day: $45

Benefits of Juice Cleanse:

  • Rest the stomach

  • Rest and repair the gut

  • Rest the liver

  • Reduce appetite

  • Ease food decision making

  • Eliminate harmful foods

  • Provides body with super nutrients

  • Lose weight Improve energy

  • Hydrate body

  • Reduce physical problems

  • Assist in detoxification and healing of cell

***Call us at (509) 598-8557 to schedule your juice cleanse, prefer 24 hours notice

Upgrade your juice cleanse with infrared sauna and exercise with oxygen treatment!